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Land or rooms?

Land or rooms?

Modernisation of soil space is currently a very popular matter. Perhaps still a part of the land you like to use as a furniture store or to dry herbs, yet it is often the highest priority to ensure enough rooms and privacy for all family members. In earlier times, the attic rooms were characterized by a lack of light, which often flowed into the room only by a narrow dormers. In times when people spent most of their time outdoors, it probably didn't matter much. Today, we prefer the spaces illuminated, which is why the roof windows are a solution of modern times.
How's that?
It generally gives more light to more small glazed areas in the room than one large, but it offers an unobstructed view. The above-mentioned roof windows allow light to reach the distant corners of the room and increase the comfort of the inhabitants. And if, for example, we feel a desire for shade in the hot summer, we can easily arrange blinds, or indoor or outdoor blinds.

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