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Persuasive is the Drine

Persuasive is the Drine

Convincing someone who is deeply convinced of their undesirability that promotional gifts can make a significant contribution to the company is seriously sometimes difficult. Our grandfather believes that it is a waste of money and that the decisive factor is clearly the price of the products that we have the most affordable. This is true, but today is just another time, which Grandpa does not want to admit. So hopefully we can agree on some compromise.
Rita in the trunk of the car
The fact that there are thieves, thieves and big thieves with a big "Z" is clear and familiar. But hardly anyone would have thought that someone could steal, for example, a full suitcase of promotional gifts. What do you really need such a thing for? The policemen, who investigated the case, tried to figure it out. You might not have a reason. "Thief" stole everything because he wanted to donate them to small abandoned children in the asylum house. It's a thief, huh?

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