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Protect your health while sitting

Protect your health while sitting

Health is most important for every person, without it you will not be pleasantly anywhere. There are various occupations where people are destroying health, whether in the environment in which they work, in a way of physical exertion or even in a simple session. Even sitting can be uncomfortable when you are troubled by lumbar or cervical spine. Back pain is one of the most common diseases of all people, so today it ranks among civilising diseases.
Proper sitting habits
On the internet and in various manuals from the rehabilitation equipment you will find a lot of instructions on how to sit properly to avoid the consequences of improper seating. However, you have to learn these habits for a long time, because if the correct session never belonged to your way of life, it's a long-haul run. But beware, with our dynamic-directional pad, this run will be shortened for a few days.

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